My wanderings

I received an invite to the Westminster Fine Art Mixed Media degree show a couple of weeks back and had a sudden urge of excitment…… This would be my chance to see what artwork was being created by the students who attended the Uni I will be attending myself in September, and I have to say it did not disappoint.

Below are a few of my favourite pieces from the show.

I walked into the exhibition and it was a sea of people and the work oozed with imagination and life, I knew then and there I had chosed the right university to go to and this brought back the excitment i got when I was first accepted.

I have always believed with art it is important to immerse yourself in other peoples work as it is inspiring, you get to see these other artists outlook on the world, the topics that are important to them and what they have experienced in their lives, and how they transfer these things over to their work.

lets start…..again!

I went ahead and deleted all my old post on this blog as I wanted to start over as I will coming into a new chapter in my life very soon.  I took the plunge and decided to apply to Uni and study a Fine Art degree starting in September.

After a few mad months of filling in my UCAS form (which for anyone else who has done this knows how infuriating it can be especially when you come up againgst your personal statement) finding a reference and completely overhauling my portfolio, I recieved invites for interviews very quickly as I had applied quite late.

My first interview I only found out about a week before I was to attend which quite literally sent me into meltdown.

But after all these were done and dusted I felt a huge sense of relief.

And it came to be, the first interview I had (which I was very nervous about) at Westminster, and the first I found out I was accepted at was the one!!!!!

Cant Wait!!